Bio-White Pro Whitening Spot Corrector

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Bio-White Pro Whitening Spot Corrector is an effective cream which combines the efficacies of whitening and moisturizing ingredients to help target pigmentation problems, such as stubborn spots and freckles. The light and fast-absorbing texture is gentle on skin and does not leave a sticky feel. Use regularly to help diminish the appearance of dark spots, and achieve a luminous and more even-toned skin.

-Infused with Bio Energy Complex™ to help enhance the delivery of whitening actives to the skin for a luminous complexion
-Formula is enriched with Mela-D technology, which consists of 9-Peptide* and Tanaka extract, to give skin an overall brightening effect
-Engineered with powerful skin-lightening Arbutin, which targets UV-induced dark spots to prevent further formation of pigmentation
-Light and non-greasy texture glides easily over skin to help skin achieve an even-toned, luminous complexion

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