Bio-HA Super HA¹ᶟ Serum

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Instant Deep Moisture For Dewy, Plump Skin!

– Designed to deeply hydrate skin layers, with skin hydrating efficacy on par as 10% Glycerin
– Lock in moisture, keeping skin moist and supple.


Clinical Test & Proven

✔ Significantly moisturizes skin instantly by 142%.
✔ Retains skin moisture up to 72 hours*.
✔ Repair skin barrier by 43% in just 1 day.
✔ Enhances skin barrier function by 73% in 1 day*


Active Ingredients

13 Types of Hyaluronic Acids

A powerful blend of 13 HA consist of high and nano molecular size to provide hydration boost to all skin layers in the epidermis.

Vitamin B3 & Ceramide

Brighten and nourish skin with essential fatty acids, nutrients and vitamin.


*Based on in-vivo test results

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