Our Secret Ingredient

Bio-Energy Complex™️ is our unique formula that transforms the skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself. By enhancing the intake of oxygen, it helps the skin breathe, changing cells from inactive to energized state.

Provides positive energy that activates skin cell energy.
Increase oxygen intake of skin cells by 39%.
Boost cellular energy to its optimal level to increase energy circulation & enhance absorption.


See What Users Are Saying
about our best-selling, Bio-Vlift Face Lifting Creams

My face is visibly firmer and smaller in 10mins after applying Bio-Vlift Face Lifting Cream😍 WOW 🤩

– Alicia

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After 25, aging and sagging skin is so real 😭 Bio-VLift Face Lifting Cream brings quick firming result. My right cheek lost 0.7cm after applying!

– Sarah

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I really saw my face appear visibly firmer after 10 minutes. 👍  Try it for yourself too! 😍

– Esther

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As a mother, I seldom have the time to take care of my skin. I really see my face visibly firmer after 10mins! Bio-Vlift Face Lifting cream tackles all unwanted signs of ageing. ❤️

– Joy

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I lost about 0.5cm after applying the Bio-Vlift Face Lifting Cream! Other than firming face, it also helps reduce wrinkles to restore youthful V-face.

– Eileen

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Motherhood has indeed taken a toll on me. Bio-Vlift Face Lifting Cream (Extra Lift- Brightening) helps to reduce wrinkles and double chin. It also moisturizes and brightens the skin.

– Celine

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After giving birth, I become more cautious about sagging skin. My face contour lost 0.7cm after applying Bio-Vlift Face Lifting Cream thanks to its firming efficacy.

– Reenes

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I’m using the Bio-Vlift Face Lifting cream for a sharper V face contour as it contains a vital bio-ingredient, Black Orchid, for that lifted look!

– Jayne

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